Vanity Statcounting

Hooray, we cracked 10,000 visitors! Actually, some blogs get 10 times more in one day... Visitor with the IP from Scottsdale, Arizona, you have our exclusive permission to download the following image of a nice and tasteful flower arrangement. If you contact us, we might even send you a package of genuine German Gummi Bears.

So it's time for an off-topic post on a previously undocumented office sport: vanity statcounting.
First: The ego boost. NASA dropped in. The Ivy League. Porsche. Nokia. Some actual human being from Mountain View. Completely makes your day.
Seriously, US military, no weapons of mass destruction here - oh, all right, you were googling "quicktime". Whew.
Second: competition. Try beating taaris' 'automount NTFS' post in popularity. Did I just shoot myself in the foot...?
Third: Feel totally international. Seriously, why oh why is Iceland ignoring us this week?
Fourth: Fun with statistics. (Is that an oxymoron or what?) Here's to penguin world domination: Two thirds of our visitors use Linux! OK, might be slightly topic related.
More from the animal kingdom: Firefox rules the browser stats. IE: also ran. Six to ten percent. On principle, we don't apologise for screwed-up layout in IE 6.
Chrome users started dropping in on the day after the release, whereas the Google bot is still running on Mozilla. Makes one trust in beta releases. (Seriously, people: version 0.2? Not to mention handing your complete browsing behaviour to Google on a silver salver?)
Fifth: one might actually use the keyword stats to improve one's posts. Gah. Booooring.
Sixth: Be a Do-Gooder. Wait for nice comments. If necessary, beg for them.
Seventh: Our Google PageRank™. It's 0.0000(0). Nice round number. Proud of it.
Last but not least: our sincere apologies to all the frustrated guys googling "bitches in latex".


avocadohead said...

Iceland has finally acknowledged our existence! Mongolia, too ;-)

avocadohead said...

For all Google avoiders: scroogle seems to be nice and anonymous, even if it screws up our blog stats ;-)