TeXlive 2008

… promises to offer some nice fixes: e.g., it disposes of the annoying "Page Group detected which pdfteX can't handle" message that comes with most OpenOffice or inkscape exported pdf figures (confirmed). Get it from the openSuSE:publishing repo. However, the openSuSE packagers removed the tlmgr (TeXlive update manager) utility, because it screws with the rpm database. (see this comment by tlmgr developer Norbert Preining). Completely understandable, but a bit of hard luck if you have to add packages not included in TeXlive. So you can either use the rpm-based TeXlive and install missing packages with mpm (remember to use the right install root and the fact that mpm doesn't manage packages installed by TeXlive), or install the tarball from TexLive and use tlmgr. Personally, I prefer the first option, I didn't gel with tlmgr, the GUI is an eyesore and uninstalling was a pest.
TeXlive 2008 is also only packaged for 11.0 upwards, so it's tar only for 10.3 and below.

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