Webmin is great

Just to let you know: if you don't want to look for all the fancy configuration files your linux offers you and to edit them via vi, then this might be THE solution for you:

Webmin is a graphical webbrowser based configuration interface which you can access locally (or, as mentioned before via an ssh-port forwarding securely remotely) by typing in


after a successful install in your preferred browser - well in konqueror because the current version seems to bitch with Mozilla Firefox

With webmin, administraton of an ssh server, filesharing via samba, user and group administration (and synchronization between the modules) and many more things you might find handy is just one mouse-click away [... that sounds like a Windows Ad]


avocadohead said...

Thaaaaanks, daWuzzzz!

avocadohead said...

FYI: webmin is not in the official SuSE repositories, but there is a noarch RPM on the developer page that should do the job.