Slow resizing in compiz

This has been posted all over the net, so it's more a personal memo stolen from All My Brain.
Window resizing on compiz/ATI is excruciatingly slow with the default settings. To fix that, configure the "Resize Window" plugin in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.
Resize modes Outline, Rectangle and Stretch work OK, Normal (default) keeps slowing you down.


Doc said...

Thanks - I spent a hour pondering it before seeing your note. Thanks for the time saved.

IlYa said...

10X ... Do You Know if something will be done in future ??? It happens only with ATI VideoCard ???

avocadohead said...

I don't have those issues with nVidia. Compiz with ATI/AIGLX has only been working for about half a year now and there are still major annoyances like the video flicker and resize issues - and they take their time fixing them. So I wouldn't expect anything revolutionary in the next few months :-(