Google Earth 4.2 with ATI - fglrx and XGL on OpenSuSE 10.3

Found somewhere in the net and adapted to OpenSuSE 10.3: after installing Google Earth doesn't start and eats up about 99% of your processor time.

The solution is to copy libGL.so.1 into the installation directory of Google Earth:

cd /opt/google-earth
sudo wget http://shanti.mojo.cc/docs/libGL.so.1

and you can enjoy google-earth

Found here.

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avocadohead said...

If your graphics card is AIGLX capable (which, sadly, DaWuzzzz's isn't), the easiest workaround for compiz/video overlay problems would be to run compiz on AIGLX and switch temporarily to KWin (just one mouse click away with fusion-icon) while running Google Earth etc. No logout/X restart necessary, works on Xanthippe (Radeon X1300).