Compiz-fusion: Blur and Shadows

Taaris has already posted about this with respect to katapult in dark and foggy November.
Some remarks about how to get the full monty with compiz-fusion: no shadows behind "flat" windows like the kicker panel and katapult and blurry window borders.

Taaris' tip concerning ugly shadows behind katapult's fake transparency works also for kicker, e. g.
CCSM->Window Decoration->Shadow windows: any -(name="katapult" | name="kicker")

Window decoration blurring seems to work quite well by now with nVidia AIGLX, just check the following settings:
  • CCSM->Blur Windows (activated)-> Alpha Blur (activated)

  • Emerald Theme Manager->Emerald Settings->Compiz Decoration Blur Type: All decoration

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