Zenbook UX31A battery replacement

Not as easy as the snap-and click replaceable units on older laptops, but pretty reasonable for a built-in.

  • C22-UX31 ASUS battery or a generic equivalent. (I got one off Amazon Germany for about 70€)
  • T5 Torx screwdriver
  • small Phillips screwdriver (#00, I believe)
  • small spudger, flat screwdriver or other prying tool

 Remove the 10 Torx screws holding the bottom cover. The two at the back edge of the device are longer (blue circles in the image on top). Take out the 3 Phillips screws holding the battery in place (red circles).
The battery's board connector is a bit tricky, as it's snapped into its plastic jack by the two small  knobs marked by red arrows in the image below without any lever mechanism. Carefully pry the jack open with a small flat tool and remove the battery. Do everything in reverse with the new battery, charge for a few hours and enjoy.

Notes: As the Zenbook is flat enough to be used as a meat cleaver, the interior is extremely compact and well organised. Also, that tiny bar under the SanDisk sticker is the SSD. Should have guessed, but was still shocked (Also, it's more or less proprietary. Bad news if it ever breaks down).
We took the opportunity to clean out the fan with canned air, but there was hardly any dust even after 18 months of sloppy use. Probably due to the fact that the laptop gets a lot of passive cooling via the metal body and every opening is mesh covered from the inside.
Not so impressed by the original battery performance. I still get about an hour of use out of it, but it tended towards shutting the system down without warning at about 50% nominal charge.


Grapholitic said...

Hey, I'm having an odd problem. I've replaced my ux31a battery. initially, the laptop wouldn't detect it. Not, it detects it but the charge is stuck at 9%. It runs fine off the AC charger. Any ideas?

avocadohead said...

Hmmm - have you calibrated it? On a 9% charge it shouldn't last longer than about 20 minutes. You could also have bought a dud where only some cells work - is it a generic battery or an Asus original? Some generics apparently are shoddy ripoffs.
If your laptop runs fine with the AC adapter and gets at least some juice into the battery, the computer itself should be OK though.

Grapholitic said...

It is (supposedly) an Asus original. I ran it on battery power last night to see if the battery charge was just reading incorrectly. It made it about 4 hours, so the battery itself seems ok, but the laptop showed the battery at 9% the entire time. Once fully recharging the battery after shutoff, I'm getting the "no battery is detected message" again. BUT when I uninstall the driver and rescan for new hardware, the battery is detected (but it says it can't be charged).

So I have no idea what's going on.

Jure Tuta said...

Hi, is your battery still ok? I want to replace mine as it is totally worn out. Do you have link from the seller, or know from which seller you bought? I want to know, because I don't trust all those sellers, because they could be selling bad batteries.

As of SSD I have wrote on my blog how to replace/upgrade: https://jure.tuta.si/?p=40

avocadohead said...

OKish - it starts to shut down below about 30% charge by now, so I guess some cells are failing. Anyway, that would put it in the survival ballpark of the original one. Nice post about the SSD upgrade - I didn't know they sold adapters.