HTML directory of PDF files

The file names for my PDF presentations contain only my name and the presentation date. Having to sort through a hundred meeting write-ups when looking for a specific bit of data is annoying, so I wrote a python script to put title, author, modification date and a link to the file into a HTML table.
Usage: Either place the script in the same directory as your PDF collection. Run python python pydir.py *.pdf or just python pydir.py, or make it executable, put it into a PATH location and leave out the 'python'. Prerequisites and caveats: Needs pyPdf, which seems to be default on Ubuntu (python-pypdf package). Not every PDF export tool includes useful information in the metadata, so this worked great for PdfTeX, but not so good for my paper archive.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this script! Very helpful. (btw, this is the second python script I have downloaded from your blog.)