Corrupted directory on NTFS partition

...which I hadn't done for 6 weeks (expect snarky comments from daWuzzzz below). Imagine my joy when Kubuntu came up with I/O errors trying to open my research data directory. Of course, it had to be the single most important directory on my computer, everything else on my NTFS partition was fine. And of course it had to happen at 2am. Windows wasn't more helpful and just displayed a 'corrupted directory' message. In retrospect, I suspect a damaged master file table. A quick summary of last night:
  1. Find 320 GB of free space on my external hard disk. The data directory is just 5 GB. If someone knows a trick how to back up partition subsets, please let me know.
  2. Create a partition image with dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/some/mountpoint/or/other. I didn't gzip the image, as I wanted to be able to mount it. At least this manoeuvre bought me 4 hours of sleep. Note: how about a USB3 backup disk?
  3. Boot up Windows, start an administrator shell and run chkdsk /f F:. Lots of 'orphaned file' messages, but the directory is accessible again and everything seems to be where it's supposed to.
  4. Do. A. Backup.
Could have been much worse.

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DaWuzzzz said...

Could indeed have been MUCH worse, and no snarky comments from my side ;-)