openSuSE 11.4 on VMware Player Win

Since my Samsung P35 already choked on 11.3 and runs Kubuntu very nicely without hassle, but I still was curious about 11.4, I decided to install it in VMPlayer on my Windows 7 office machine.

Since VMPlayer offered "Easy Install" for 11.4, I followed the choice and let it install this way. After the installation process had completed, I was offered the login screen. What an optical disaster! This greyish-greenish somewhat looks like moulded Momo's grey gentlemen. By the way, you should first do a reboot to enable network capabilities.

The first update session installed vmware-tools, who are obviously out of date. Well, no harm done, since vmware offers good installation guides. Important: before starting the installation process of the vmware tools, you need to install the kernel-develop package matching your installed kernel, either from CD or from the network. Since the network is down while installing the vmware tools, you might find it helpful to know this before you start... ;-)

First overall impression: runs charmingly well on a virtual machine, although I really have to get used to this green-greyish colour scheme.

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