Attempting to sync an iPod touch 4G

How to live with an iPod Touch 4G and not too much Windows involvement...
On USB connection, the iPod is identified as a camera, images can only be viewed and downloaded. I checked with libgtkpod: touch/iphone 4 are only supported read-only, so no GTKpod or Amarok support.
I don't mind too much using Windows/VirtualBox to move mp3s/e-books etc. for a while (apart from the fact that the ridiculously bloated iTunes freezes my VBox install trying to handle my 50 GB+ mp3 library, sigh...). However, synchronising Kontact obviously doesn't work like that and the only way I could see was to use my Gmail calendar and address book as a go-between.
On the ipod side: when you set up your account (Settings->Accounts), use the Microsoft Exchange account for Google e-mail, address book, calendar. If you have a @googlemail.com account (German specialty), use that for your address;  @gmail.com or ID without domain will lead to a wrong password error message for some reason.

The Kontact side requires a bit of work:
Akonadi has direct gcal support with the akonadi-kde-resource-googledata (akonadi-googledata from KDE:Extras if you happen to be on SuSE) extension. Here is a very nice walkthrough.
Note: if you get an "Invalid password" message while configuring Akonadi google resources, check System Settings -> Network Settings -> Proxy ->Connect to the Internet directly (the default setting is 'preset proxy variables'). Also, use the full xx.yy@googlemail.com as user name if you happen to be German.

Surprising fact of the day: Wine seems to have limited USB support and iTunes 10.2.1 runs great (with minor graphics hiccups and no video playback) on Wine and seems to have no problem tackling my library. Now, if it only deigned to recognise my iPod...I mean, who in their right mind would use iTunes to listen to music?

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