OpenSuSE 11.3 - less fun on a Samsung P35 - ATI woes continued

After the tremendously positive testing results of avocadohead with Tisiphone, I tried my luck some days ago with 11.3 on Thukydides, a Samsung P35 notebook, not the newest hardware and unfortunately with an ATI graphic card.

as avocadohead had stated, nothing really new. The partitioning tool has improved, beside the fact, that they chose a too large font for the buttons, which rendered them unreadable. But there's always the right-mouse click so no real problem at all. Installation went smooth.

First StartUp:
looked great but using it for a few minutes the computer froze entirely, no switching back to a console, no reaction at all... then sleep interfered with new tests...
The next morning the same result: firing up seems to work, but the computer freezes after some minutes. I already deleted all kde-related folders in my home folder (which I kept from the previous install), and tried again, but the freeze persisted. On the other hand working only on a console the computer worked for several hours, so I strongly suspected graphic driver issues. Several restarts and playing around a little with different settings for the X-Server didn't help, as well as trying to install a closed-source ATI driver.

Why, oh why openSuSE do you refuse to treat ATI graphic issues (especially for a card like mine, which is quite a bit of time out in the wild)? Since I'm not keen on wasting a lot of time for getting basic functionality like a working GUI, I'll just switch back to another distro which can deal with ATI.

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