Sooo PC now!

Nobody really likes renaming their blog. However, together with such venerable institutions as the most famous s***m whale in fiction, we are victims of the Great Online Bowdlerisation Initiative - as witnessed on the openSuSE forums (asterisks in the blog URL, yay!)
Some lame excuses for the old name:
  • Really, that blog name was totally inconnuous in German!
  • Did we mention our outstanding women's quota?
  • We are still allowed to abuse our computers, right? (Yes, Tisiphone, talking about you, you ugly brainwashed crackpot…)
  • People googling "bitches in latex" are in for a very educational evening
  • Can't we be a bit naughty now and then?
So, Eumenides it is. The Kindly Ones. Bloody old euphemism, which hopefully won't get bowdlerised into the page-not-found-nirvana. We illustrate our newfound virtue with a picture including three semi-naked women with snakes in their hair.

And no, potter wasps are Eumeninae. With an n.

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