I love disper!

...and, if you use a laptop with nVidia graphics and want to extend/clone your screen output to an external monitor or projector, you will, too.
Disper is a python-based command line app and can be downloaded from here. I don't think there are any prerequisites except the nVidia packages and basic Python, and potentially xrandr. Install with make /sudo make install.
The beauty of disper is that it automatically and quite intelligently fits your screen resolution and panning to the detected displays.


State of Pymorph Address

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears:

Actually, I was just looking for a quick 'n dirty Python morphology library to do a kind of string length image analysis and pymorph looked promising. Sadly, a major overhaul seems to be going on there right now, so while the actual code I ended up with is nice, short and robust, getting there was quite a pain.
Pymorph's old (<= 0.8) version has some very helpful demonstration pages, which have to be adapted for the new version (0.92 - and I found nothing but win32 packages for 0.8). Some hints are given on the developer's page, but quite a lot one has to figure out for oneself - mostly formatting issues.