It sort of works

First impressions of 11.2
The first one is purely aesthetical: the SuSE 11.2 installer looks like a gothicised version of Win 7's cutesy scrollwork, in a blackish-green colour scheme and without all those birdies.
The setup procedure (64-bit) was not noticeably different from 11.1: in partitioning, I fared best with importing the previous installation's partitioning and setting the root partition to be formatted to ext4 after that.
For a moment, I was really impressed by the network setup during install - my laptop's WLAN chip was recognised and even displayed the local network. My favourable impression somewhat cooled when during the connection test both cable and wireless connection came up with "network not running" and nothing worth mentioning showing up in the error logs. A few clicks later the computer condescended to download release notes and updates over the oh-so-disabled network.
This seems to be a recurring theme in the new release: the KDE4 network manager is still enigmatic to the point of uselessness. However, just now I'm comfortably logged into a WPA2-encrypted wireless network, even if the tray app seems only complains about the unavailability of a cable connection. Oh, well…
I got stuck a bit with the mp3 support, just adding the packman repo and doing a quick update had no effect. However, the restricted formats installer (codecs-kde.ymp) from opensuse-community.org appears to fix everything.
No trouble with graphics: I had the full Plasma glory after getting the driver from the Nvidia 11.2 repo.

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