KDE on Windows

Starting with KDE 4, the KDE Team has ported a sizeable part of KDE to Windows.
  • Stuff working out-of-the box: Kate, KDEEdu, Kile starts. Windows/KDE relies on Qt4, so you actually get a preview of the upcoming Kile 2.1/KDE4. Compiling works (...). Some bug: Exiting and restarting Kile fails if you don't kill all KDE processes via the Task Manager inbetween.
  • needs some work: Amarok crashes at startup, caused by the Librivox plugin. Solution: edit ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc.
    I had some trouble finding my .kde directory on Vista: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\.kde
A very impressive feat by the KDE team. Made me realise again how much I hate Vista.

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