Meta-Blogging: Linus Torvalds

Yesterday Linus Torvald's blog made the Blog of Note list on Blogger - nicely positioned in the usual bunch of food, photography and knitting blogs.
The mythical larger-than-life Mr. Torvalds is actually a real-life Finnish guy living in the US who blogs about books, elections, love of pets (no penguins!), dislike of tedious sports, kids and the occasional new kernel release just like your average Joe. He is not convinced yet by the whole blogging thingy and started the blog as a nice little family/friends experiment, without flashy design or special topics.
What's really funny is the flock of tech bloggers with nerdy aliases like "sauron" or "deep thought" starting reverent discussions on every entry. Sadly, for them, Mr. Torvalds answers comments only very occasionally.
Behold a Geek Icon hopelessly out-geeked.

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