Kill and restart plasma

Though pretty slick and usable by now, KDE4 is not exactly stable all the time, especially plasma.
ToDo after a desktop crash (found here) - if you are lucky enough to still have a shell:
kquitapp plasma-desktop
kstart plasma-desktop (see comment by Casian, thanks!)
I added #!/bin/bash in front and copied the script to /usr/bin to have it at the ready. It's cleaner that just killall plasma-desktop & plasma-desktop, because the system configuration cache is rebuilt first and KDE handles quit and start.

For pre-KDE 4.3 users:
plasma is now plasma-desktop, so, in the code above change plasma-desktop to plasma.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. It helped.

Anonymous said...

could also help if you added >/dev/null 2>&1 after the plasma line so you don't have to see any output from plasma in that shell.. as such:
plasma >/dev/null 2>&1

Anonymous said...

Thanks, i needed to restart plasma after running a xrandr script that changed the dpi and the fonts were too big

i needed to replace the "plasma" line with "kstart plasma"

جادی said...

I'm an ubuntu user and have to replace "plasma" with "plasma-desktop"

avocadohead said...

Then you are probably on KDE4.3 (see the post), it's no fault of (K)Ubuntu :-)

robfelty said...

I found that I needed to put a 'sleep 2' in between the kill and the start. Otherwise it would not start back up.

Alexander said...

Thanks a lot!

Nick said...

Thanks for writing that up, mate. It solved my problem, which I explained on my blog:

Kadai said...

Wow, this hint worked for me to restart plasma.

I wonder if someone else have happened also to lost the Panel on KDE SC 4.4 final... it is not a critical thing, but is ultra annoying if you use the panel a lot.

Anonymous said...

wow, that helped me a lot. Thanks!