Packages to add to a standard installation

These are the packages I would always install from the main repo (more a reminder for myself, but I guess it is useful for many people out there as well). This list is by far not complete and will be updated.

  • ntfsconfig (gui helper for setting read/write ability for ntfs drives)
  • quanta (web site development suite)
  • lynx (text browser for console - old, but can be very useful if you're left with a shell only)
  • texlive (LaTeX System)
  • kile (LaTeX Editor)
  • miktex-tools (if you use LaTeX and want to have a convenient package manager
Additionally, there are some packages which are not really usable or functional in the standard installation and should be replaced by packman versions (see post by avocadohead)


avocadohead said...

Confused ;-)
Are those packages that show better functionality in the packman version than the main OSS repo one? (Didn't know miktex-tools was even available there)

avocadohead said...

PS: Gute Besserung!

DaWuzzzz said...

Hope I clarified the post in the actual version :-) And thanks for the good whishes :-)