Network print on a Windows machine

Here is the howto for connecting to a Windows printer from Linux

Prerequisites: installed samba (maybe samba-client is sufficient), cups, ghostscript, foomatic-filters (most of them are default anyway), the printer must be shared and accessible over the network.

  1. Open a browser of your choice and type localhost:631 into the address bar
  2. Click "Add printer" and fill name, location and description and continue
  3. For device choose "Windows Printer via SAMBA"
  4. Device-URI: smb://<windowsboxname>/<printersharename> - no port required, so leave it empty
  5. Choose the model of the printer - if the driver is not in the database you'll have to provide the ppd-file.
  6. At around this point you'll be asked for user name and password for CUPS (most likely, your root password, depending on your configuration)
  7. Change options if neccessary and enjoy

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