More gcc 4.3 'victims'

Quoting from a KDE mailing list: "In GCC 4.3, the C++ header
dependencies have been cleaned up. The advantage of this is that programs will compile faster. The downside is that you actually
need to directly #include everything you use".
So, if you get make errors like "error: 'free' was not declared in this scope", this might be due to a source file missing the (c)stdlib dependency.
This is kind of a wailing wall for patch candidates.
  • miktex: patch exists
  • qtpfsgui-1.8.12: #include <stdlib.h> in src/Libpfs/pfs.cpp and src/TM_operators/ashikhmin02/tmo_ashikhmin02.cpp
    1.8.12 is the current stable release, the "new" version (>1.9.2) is already patched.
  • lshw-B.02.13: src/core/abi.cc needs cstdlib
And yes, it's not a bug, it's a feature. Really.

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