Compiling master documents in Kile

Kile has no special "build project" tool for building LaTeX master files (which irritates former TeXnicCenter users like me).
To handle LaTeX master files, e.g. a thesis with chapter input from \include{file} statements, define a Kile project and add all .tex files irrespective of master and child status.
Check the master file in the project options, usually the auto-detect option works (I assume Kile searches all files for \begin{document}/\end{document}). All normal build tools shold now apply only to the master file, no matter which document you are just editing.

Another issue: Using BibTeX in a Kile project. For this you need the QuickBuild tool. PDFLaTeX+BibTeX isn't preconfigured (at least with my Kile version) and has to be added by hand in Settings->Configure Kile…->Tools->Build:
After that, you can run everything from inside Kile with the QuickBuild button.
If you are using a Kile project with a master document, you have to specify the appropriate QuickBuild configuration in the Project->Project Options dialog. (Actually, if you include a BibTeX bibliography in a .tex file, Kile seems to run BibTeX and 3 times LaTeX automatically. Still, it's good to have the QuickBuild handy). Also, there was a bug removing duplicate entries like "PDFLaTeX PDFLaTeX" in the Quickbuild configuration of Kile/KDE4 (fixed by now).


Anonymous said...


you are looking for the master document mode given in the settings menu.
This lets you choose a document which is always compiled, and this does not have to be the current one.
See also http://kile.sourceforge.net/Documentation/html/build_master.html

avocadohead said...

I believe that's more or less the gist of what I wrote ;-) And master documents are defined in Project Options and not in the settings menu.