HowTo configure an SSH tunnel via PuTTY

Not really OpenSuSE-related, well somewhat: how to tunnel to a ssh box from a Windows Machine using PuTTY

  1. Start PuTTY
  2. Enter the Host Name or IP address of the machine you want to connect in the appropriate field
  3. Change to Connection --> SSH --> Tunnel
  4. Enter the LOCAL Port Number in "Source Port"
  5. Enter the REMOTE host and port in the form: remotehost.tld:PortNumber in "Destination"
  6. Double Check whether "Local" and "Auto" is marked in the settings
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Something like "L12345 remotehost.tdl:23456" should appear in the "Forwarded Ports" box
  9. Go back to "Session" and save the session in order to keep the settings for the next start of PuTTY
  10. Connect to your machine - the terminal needs to stay open as long as you want to use the SSH-Tunnel
BTW: if you want to start PuTTY from the command line easily, just copy putty.exe into the /Windows/system32/ folder and rename it to ssh.exe, then you can start it by commanding ssh on a console or in the "run" dialog.


avocadohead said...

...or put it into some folder and add that to the PATH.

Anonymous said...

... or right drag the icon th the windows folder and select "Create shortcut" and the nrename it to whatever.