Who needs an X server anyway?

Worst case scenario: your X server keeps crashing, no other computer available and you need to do some emergency googling, backup, downloading, system analysis etc.
Here is a collection of console system analysis tools:
  • First, a beauty of a fossil: the lynx browser, available from the main SuSE repository. Link navigation with arrow keys, the "g" key is useful for URL typing. Google search is a bit cumbersome, but feasible. Flash and Javascript sites (e.g. the ATI driver download site) are more or less unusable.

  • wget download utility: wget <file URL>

  • YaST has a comfortable command-line interface, simply type yast

  • burn backups: wodim, see the examples right at the end of man wodim

  • some decent vi manual

  • Start Samba filesharing server with smbd -D; start ssh server with sshd

  • Unison and rsync work from console, too.

  • Check free disk space: df -h

Less spectacular: You want to work on a remote machine via ssh and a VNC connection works too slow for you.
  • Midnight Commander (mc) is a classic console file manager with ftp capabilities.

  • The fish:// protocol allows you remote ssh access in Konqueror - e.g. fish://avocadohead@myserver.com/home/avocadohead/