How to get the latest NTFS-3g

Due to a charming display of eccentric version numbering, you might be stuck with a year-old NTFS-3g version and not even be aware of it.
The developers are in the habit of tagging their versions by month and day of the release date, so 1.913 was released on 07/09/13, 1.1120 on 07/11/20 and 1.2506 (sic!) on 05/06/08. Some nice kind of mini-Y2K here, I wonder what they will surprise us with in October. Don't get me wrong: I love ntfs-3g, couldn't live without it on my dual-boot systems. Kudos to the developers!

Installing the latest:
Add one of the following software repositories in YaST (use "specify URL"):
http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/SUSE-10.3/ http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/benkai:/ntfs/openSUSE_Factory/
Both ship the 1.2506 release and according to ntfs.org that one is heavily recommended, the main repo still has 1.913. Note: I am not altogether comfortable about using a factory repo on a day-to-day system, and for whatever reasons, YaST reported conflicts for the 1.2506 version from the benkai repo, the jengelh repo works fine.

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