Fusion icon and direct rendering

Compiz is working on both Xanthippe and Tisiphone for a change. The ATI 8.45 driver install on Xanthippe worked similarly to the 8.43 one, bless them, and is at least no worse than its predecessors (video still not working on top of compiz).
For compiz startup, one might use compiz-manager, which is an executable shell script in /usr/bin and can be installed via YaST. After some preliminary tests it starts compiz and fusion-icon, if the latter is present. Alternatively, just start fusion-icon with preselected compiz, this saves you one not entirely necessary compiz restart.
Apparently the newer nVidia drivers have problems with the libgl-indirect rendering, starting compiz in a shell without the "--no-libgl-fallback" option on Tisiphone results in a "No GLXFBConfig for default depth" error, and neither window borders nor keyboard input in X (here fusion-icon is invaluable to restart kwin). As fusion-icon doesn't seem to pass any options per default, it fails reloading compiz properly. So, one has to pass on all necessary compiz option to fusion icon and/or compiz-manager.

Modify (as root) /usr/bin/compiz-manager, add whatever options you deem necessary:
COMPIZ_OPTIONS="--no-libgl-fallback --ignore-desktop-hints --replace"

Do the same for /usr/lib(64)/python/site-packages/FusionIcon/data.py:
compiz_args = ['--replace', '--ignore-desktop-hints', '--no-libgl-fallback']

For all lazybones out there - link compiz-manager in the Autostart folder:
$ cd ~/.kde/Autostart
$ ln -s /usr/bin/compiz-manager
or ln -s /usr/bin/fusion-icon

However, Xanthippe ist still behaving a bit weirdly: no Python tweaking whatever can induce her to start compiz properly with fusion-icon, whilst compiz-manager works perfectly. I wonder whether I really want to tackle that one...

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