HowTo (almost) synchronize your Motorola RAZR V3 with KAddressBook

Enable bluetooth. YaST --> Hardware --> Bluetooth

Then plug in your dongle, kbluetooth should start automatically and settle into your systray. Right-click on it and select "KBlueMon". Enable "FindMe" mode ("Sichtbar" in German) and start scanning.

To put new ringtones (32 kbps/22kHz for mp3s is definitely enough) on your phone, right click on KBluetooth again, then select "Send File". Find the file you want to send, select your phone and click "Send". Wow, that was easy ;-)

To bind your phone to a device node (eg. to use in kitchensync or kmobiletools), first figure out its MAC address by

hcitool scan

then configure rfcomm by editing your /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf file and putting in an entry like

rfcomm0 {
bind yes;
device 00:12:8A:A3:70:34;
channel 1;
comment "taaris RAZR V3";

now you can either reboot, or bind manually

rfcomm bind all

then create the device node, if you don't have it already

mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0

Now get the permissions sorted out. Create a group called phone and put yourself (and anyone else who's going to access your gadget) in it. Restart your session.

chgrp phone /dev/rfcomm0 (you might have to repeat this if you cannot access the device anymore after a reboot)
chmod 660 /dev/rfcomm0

To give credit where it's due, most of this info was found here.

Now you can configure kmobiletools to use with your RAZR V3. Not that this is really helpful at the moment, since you cannot actually synchronize your phone just yet - but let's hope for KDE4 and KDEPIM.

launch kmobiletools
Settings --> Main Settings. The Configure dialog will pop up.
nnder Devices set:
'Mobile phone device': /dev/rfcomm0
Leave other settings at defaults.
Under Mobile phone set:
'Phone type': Generic GSM device
'Dialing options': CKPD dial System
Select the 'Use Motorola battery indicator' check box.

Then go to Settings --> Reinitialize GSM Device.

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