Compiz-KDE problem: no window title bar

Just to let y'all know: if the kde-window-decorator ever crashes in your running compiz (which you probably will get to know by a "SIGHUP" warning of the kde management) don't panic. Also, if you ever get all windows without a title bar, which of course means that you cannot move or close windows that might be due to the crashed kde-window-decorator mentioned before. The stupid thing is, that this state is remembered, so even if you restart your X-Server you won't be able to recreate those damn useful window title bars. The trick is to run

kde-window-decorator &

from a console. This will instantly lead to windows having their title bars again, and also after a restart of the X-Server you can happily live ever after, or at least until the next crash of it (which actually happens on my system quite often... does anybody out there have a solution for that?) with move- and closeable windows.

Just a remark after some days: install fusion-icon and you'll get emerald as windows decorator, which is much more stable. It also lets you restart the windows manager just by a mouse-click if something weird happens with your windows.
You can run the emerald theme manager from it or you can run it using a console and executing


from your account (no superuser rights necessary)

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