Digikam and the Marble symbol lookup error

(double posting this on the opensuse forums)
With KDE 4.4, digikam > 0.10 for quite some time crashed on startup with something like this:
digikam: symbol lookup error: digikam: undefined symbol: _ZN6Marble12MarbleWidget16staticMetaObjectE

The Marble symbol lookup error seems to be vendor related: upgrading to the KDE 4.4 Marble version requires a vendor change from openSuSE to obs://build.opensuse.org/KDE in YaST. Usually this ought to be done automatically by the dependency checker during an update to KDE 4.4 as it happens with a lot of other KDE 4.4 packages, but apparently this dependency is not registered. Find marble and marble-data in YaST, go to the Versions tab and select the 4.4 version.
With digikam 1.2, this got me at least as far as the splash screen before it crashed ("Trying to open ksycoca..." on konsole).
Digikam finally worked after downgrading to version 1.1 (from software.opensuse.org search). Well, sort of: it crashes on quitting…

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