Oh, those sneaky Apple people…

…still trying valiantly to keep us from procrastinating. Apparently they now deny apple.com/trailers access to all non-Quicktime users, which is more or less the Linux community. Hey, and I always thought we stood all united against Microsoft.
Several workarounds have been proposed.
  1. If you are using firefox, get the User Agent Switcher addon (extended Ubuntu forums discussion) and set it up as a friendly participant suggested. This solved my problem for the moment.
  2. If that doesn't work for you, get the *.mov file's address from the page source code and paste it into a new tab, as described here. I didn't get the "Get the latest Quicktime" message though, so I couldn't try this.
  3. Opera user? Opera can natively spoof user agents (change preferences with the opera:config URL), but none of the default strings seem to get accepted by Apple. It ought to be possible to make this work with user javascript (enable in opera:config) as described in this blog (not tested by me).
On the other hand, Gmail only works in basic HTML mode with the User Agent in Apple compatible mode.

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DaWuzzzz said...

Hmmm... bad apple people. Although I really like their hardware and OS, but this is simply over the top...