More Virtual Box: USB devices

Actually, the last remaining device I need Windows for (apart from the printing issue) is my Sony HI-MD audio recorder. The usual Sony support bullshit: software and standards are closed source, the system is too dated and unpopular for any viable Linux hack (though there are some people in Berlin working on it), and Wine is useless with anything involving a USB connection.
So I upgraded my VirtualBox to the non-OSS version (the OSS version in the SuSE repos doesn't have USB yet) from their Wiki (for a SuSE 10.3 RPM, go to "older versions" and get 2.2.4).
I followed the USB instructions from the openSuSE page. To get the MD recorder passed through to Windows, I had to set a device filter in the VirtualBox USB settings (see image). I plugged it in and chose the recorder in the Add Filter dropdown. Easy as pie, and at least I don't have to re-boot any more to download recordings.

The only thing that didn't work was exporting WAV into the virtual network folder on the Linux host from Sonic Stage, I had to take a detour via a regular folder. No big deal.

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