Be careful with your KDE4 update

…if you are using factory: openSuSE snuck in KDE4.3 β 1, and it has its snags. Shouldn't beta 1 be in the unstable repo?
Systray icons seem to be an all or nothing issue: while their display has greatly improved on Tisiphone, they are nearly unusable on Archimedes (try and find Kmail in the image above…). Akonadi keeps popping up an error message about not being able to connect to localhost on SuSE 10.3 for all KDE versions - the akonadi/PIM integration in KDE 4.2 is still being worked on according to the developers.

Tisiphone greets me with a plasma crash each time I log in; apart from that, most things work OK. Akonadi seemed to work here: no error messages and synced my Palm without more ado.
If you are not keen on KDE β, remove the Factory repos and switch to the new build service-KDE42 repo (thanks, daWuzzz). Downgrading from 4.3 was dependency-ridden and pretty ugly:
  1. I recommend to log out and do this with the console YaST (yuck), as my KDE crashed mid-install after I foolishly confirmed an X message. Or do not click any OK buttons at all during installation.
  2. I disabled KDE Factory and added the KDE 4.2 repo via one-click but cancelled the installation.
  3. In YaST->Software->Search I selected everything containing "KDE" in title and summary and had YaST update (i.e. downgrade/reinstall) all packages unconditionally.
  4. Unsolvable dependencies forced me to get rid temporarily of akonadi, kpilot, amarok, skanlite and a few associated libraries.
  5. The system tray icons are still broken, which might be due to the old 10.3 distribution.

Regarding the broken icons: a few updates later (4.2. repo), the plasma desktop started crashing regardlessly, which eventually got me to delete all ~/.kde4/share/config/*plasma* files. Lo and behold: icons in the taskbar! (still the 4.1.x eyesore, but altogether usable)
However, the combination of SuSE 10.3 and KDE 4.3 seems to have persistent issues with the icon display, and considering the expiring lifetime of the 10.3 release, this will probably not be fixed. Consider an update to 11.1 (or wait for 11.2 in autumn)


DaWuzzzz said...

Apparently, openSuSE has moved the 4.2.x packages from the factory repo to the build service and keeps the beta version packages in the factory repo, see here.

DaWuzzzz said...

Should have used a little more of google. More apparently, they have opened a new repository keeping the 4.2.2: have a look here