The joys of plug and play

Oh, that scanner. Well, apart from that, it works OK, albeit slow.


Getting PDF two-page views righted

This has bugged me both in Okular and Adobe Reader: They are capable of displaying facing pages next to each other, but both display the first page on the left by default and all the following as they come, so individual pages are on the wrong side in standard books, where page 1 is on the right.
Annoying if you want to check layouts.
  • Adobe Reader solution: View->Page Display->Show Cover Page During Two-Up
  • Okular solution: Settings->Configure Okular…->General->Centre first page
I think all of this could be a little more intuitive.


Wireless trouble and more

After some major update my wireless stopped working on Tisiphone (Samsung R55 Cavan, Intel 3945 chipset). Not good. wlan0 didn't even show up in the ifconfig output. dmesg showed some startup problems with the iwl3945 kernel module.
The solution was to remove the compat-wireless drivers, you don't need them for the Intel 3945 chip (Some other update tried to sneak them in again, so beware!)
On the way (rebooting at least once without a working X server), I found that I had both a default and a pae kernel, which was interesting (to put it mildly), the latter had accompanied the uvcvideo-kmp-default module. No idea why.
To top everything off, the uvcvideo, wacom and nvidia modules refused to work with each other's preferred kernel version, and I wondered how my system had been running before and what my webcam was doing with uvcvideo when I had championed gspca previously. No matter, I changed the driver to gspca-kmp-default (not in the default repos, search software.opensuse.com for it).
So finally I can film myself using the Wacom tablet with the webcam and stream that over wireless all at once - I'm so hip I can't see over my pelvis.