Frescobaldi on SuSE 10.3/KDE 4.2

I love the music typesetting language lilypond, but I was missing a powerful editor for it - never got the hang of denemo (might be because I can't play midi keyboards). Last week I found out about frescobaldi, which blew me away completely.
It started off as a Kate plugin, but is by now a fully-fledged Kile-like editor for KDE4 written in Python with lots of goodies.
Tarball installation on 11.1 worked OK, on 10.3 I ran into some problems with the dbus-1-python>0.82.4 requirement (availability: 0.82.0 from official, 0.83.0 from user repos): cmake either complained about the wrong version (0.82.0), or missed the python dbus and dbus.mainloop.qt modules (0.83.0). In the end, I got the dbus-1-python-0.82.4-49.1.src.rpm (11.0 repo, but doesn't matter), ran rpmbuild and installed (you need to have pyrex installed). Cmake ran OK after that.
With frescobaldi 0.7.7 and later, make complained
No rule to make target `/usr/share/kde4/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/kde-chunk.xsl'

and exited. This was due to kdelibs4-doc not being on the system. After that, the error message changed to
/bin/sh: KDE4_MEINPROC_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND: command not found
which is due to cmake just not finding meinproc (/usr/bin/meinproc4). See this message from Frescobaldi developer Wilbert Behrensen.
This worked:
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(kde4-config --exec-prefix) -DKDE4_MEINPROC_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/meinproc4

NB: Uninstalling frescobaldi is a bit of a pest, as there is no script for it. However, all files are listed in install-manifest.txt.
Here is a primitive shell script rm_lines.sh to remove all files in a list file:
exec < $1
 while read line
  rm $line
  echo $line deleted

Make it executable and run sudo sh rm_lines.sh install_manifest.txt (all in the frescobaldi install folder). If you want to remove frescobaldi permanently from your system, you might also want to delete the /usr/share/kde4/apps/frescobaldi and /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/frescobaldi folders.

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