SuSE KDE 4 rant

Dragging myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century, I resolved not to ignore KDE 4 completely any more - i.e. using it for serious work and longer than 3 minutes.
First impressions: more or less useable. Compiz works OK. Plasma crashes every time I change something in the panel (restarts again immediately, though). I still have to find out how to make my widget settings permanent.
Being in a rather daring and experimental mood, I checked out Amarok 2 beta 2 (I can't wait for the final release). You will find the RPM on KDE4:UNSTABLE; however, you can't install that on openSuSE standard KDE4, as it requires KDE >= 4.1.2 and openSuSE is still banking on 4.0.4.
KDE 4.1 has been out since July and SuSE is still shipping it from Factory only? Installing stuff from factory is just something I don't like doing, even in such tiny and insignificant cases as my desktop environment. Ironically, 4.1.x is supposed to be a major improvement to the notoriously buggy 4.0.4 (which would be the default desktop in a plain SuSE installation, btw). Well, apparently they keep 4.1.x up their sleeve till the openSuSE 11.1 release sometime in December.
Why oh why can't they do it a bit more modularly? For one, keeping people waiting half a year for an important bugfix release is not a very nice thing to do, and even when 11.1 is out, I don't want to do a complete OS update just to brush up my desktop and update my favourite audio player. (To be fair, I wouldn't put it past them to parallelly release 4.1.x for 11.0 - but still: December?)
Enough italics for today. Still disappointed.
Update: The opensuse download page displays an one-click installer for 4.1.3 stable by now. Didn't try it because all my systems run on factory for reasons mentioned above - though daWuzz had some trouble with strange dependency conflicts.

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