Kile on NTFS partitions: bug report

Whenever I try to compile a LaTeX file on a NTFS or external FAT partition, Kile claims:
[PDFLaTeX] Sorry, the file /sda5/.../(filename).tex does not exist.

Kile bug report is submitted. The problem seems to have something to do with the KIO slaves (thanks to the bugs.kde.org people for pointing that out immediately). Navigating by point-and-click in the "Open file" dialog invariably gets you the media:// slave, while using the mount point specified in fstab (e.g. /windows/D/.../) makes Kile find the file. If you don't like typing paths - set a bookmark in the Kile file open dialog.


Kévin said...

Any news from the bug report? I'm currently having the same problem... :(
It's annoying when you have a double boot and just want to be able to work on the same files from Windows and Linux.

san said...

I had the same problem and found a solution. If you are accessing a file on an external disk, do not open it from kile by clicking on Storage media icon. Instead go to /media/.... and choose the file. This will solve the problem.