Bloody bleeding edge - KDE4 in openSuSE 10.3

openSuSE is known to be somewhat experimental in its package selections - like shipping a new release including an Xorg RC...
In 10.3 they have some fun with mixing up KDE 3 and 4 by default - such as including krdc/KDE4 in default KDE, which program completely failed to connect me to any VNC server.
Equally confusing is the fact that in KDE4 they isolated some programs out of rpms containing entire suites in KDE3. For example, if you search for "karamba" by name and summary in Yast, you will get KDE4-Superkaramba only (didn't work on KDE3 for me). A search by description gives you the kdeutils3-extra suite containing KDE3-Superkaramba.

I hope they will clear this up before releasing KDE4 for openSuSE...

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