openSUSE 10.3 does not like Windoze-XP hibernation

Ok. So I tried to install 10.3 on a Samsung P35 XVM 1600 II (1 GB RAM). Unfortunately, I simply forgot that I had shut down Windows only to hibernation. Starting the installation routine of SUSE everything went fine until... until the damn thing wanted to mount the system partition of windows. There an error occured and the setup failed. Well, no problem. But after a restart the "ntldr" is missing. After 3 hours of fiddling around (because to let you know: if windows is in hibernation mode, there is no chance of doing fixmbr or fixboot in the recovery console because nothing is written to the disk and Partition Magic does not show you anything as well but just bitches about the hibernated Windows) I could finally start Windows and shut it down regularly (btw: there is a very helpful cd downloadable at http://www.ntldrismissing.org - just use the safe mode option.
PLEASE SuSE, build in a check for such a case BEFORE altering anything - I guess more laptop users might get into trouble.

Now it works, I'll keep you posted what happens next.

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